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Promoting public interest law in China - post 1

March 10, 2009 As I said in this post, Equal Justice Works CEO David Stern will be blogging from China. Here is his first post. I arrived in Beijing after a 14-hour flight from Washington, DC. Surprisingly, our flight flew over the North Pole instead of the Pacific Ocean. I am joined here by other U.S. Read More

Legal internships this summer

March 10, 2009 As Marty said in this post, there are several exciting changes to the Summer Corps program this year. Read More

Bringing equal justice to China

March 9, 2009 David Stern, CEO for Equal Justice Works, is part of a three-person group of experts that is travelling to China at the request of the Ford Foundation to discuss public interest law. He will be blogging from across the globe about his experience. The trip is being facilitated by the Ford Foundation, which is assisting Chinese lawyers in designing a two-year public interest domestic fellowship program for recent graduates to work in needy communities. Read More

Prop 8 in court tomorrow - watch live

March 4, 2009 UPDATE 5/26/09: CA Supreme Court upholds Prop 8. As reported in this post, Equal Justice Works Alumnus Shannon Minter of the National Cent Read More

Advice for law students seeking public service careers

February 27, 2009 Equal Justice Works Fellow Andrea Saenz is profiled in LawBound. Check it out. Read More

Detainment of 24 Latinos sparks debate over ICE policies

February 24, 2009 In an article on February 18, the Washington Post reports on the conflicting accounts being delivered by ICE officers in court regarding the detainment of 24 Latino men two years ago. The men were detained on January 23, 2007, as suspected "fugitive aliens." The Washington Post has obtained security camera footage (Read More

Consumer protection - credit company abuses

February 24, 2009 Equal Justice Works board member James Sturdevant testified before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on February 12, 2009, on behalf of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. In the testimony, Mr. Sturdevant discussed some of the current abuses in the credit card industry and described the problems and experiences of the everyday consumers affected by this abuse. Read Mr. Read More

On the road with Joseph Hardgrave

February 17, 2009 ontheroad Here is a guest post from Joseph Hardgrave, courtesy of Montana Legal Services: Most days you can find Attorney Joseph Hardgrave on the road, traveling to one of Montana's Indian Reservations. Read More

Immigration cases overwhelm courts

February 10, 2009 Yesterday, NPR reported on the surge in immigration cases that is overwhelming courts. Read More

Drugs, pregnancy & parenting

February 2, 2009 This is a guest post from Allison Guttu, an Equal Justice Works Fellow at National Advocates for Pregnant Women in New York.  Allison was recently quoted on regarding the ongoing and controversial arrest and criminalization of pregnant women. As the "crack baby epidemic" (described last week in this New Yo Read More
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