New podcast series: Student debt relief

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionEqual Justice Works and American University's Washington College of Law have teamed up to launch an all-new podcast: The Student Debt Relief Series.  The first episode, "How to Figure Out if You Benefit from the College Cost Reduction & Access Act - and How Much?" is available now. Listen to the episode (below) or visit the main page to stream, download or subscribe to the series. You can also download the corresponding Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employment Checklist.

Student Debt Relief Series: Episode One

Running time: 20 min.


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Thanks, after downloading your pdf, things became much clearer.

Great post ! international community supports the poverty reduction strategies of the low-income countries by opening their markets to the exports of poor countries and by increasing new concessional flows.

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Is it a good time to be doing this with the state of the economy?

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To bad this is not a mandatory class for all college students who have outstanding debt due to student loans.

[...] with American University’s Washington College of Law, Equal Justice Works has launched its first podcast show on the topic of student debt relief. Equal Justice Works is the organization for public interest [...]

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