Student Debt Ebook: Take Control of Your Future

Discover the answers to these questions and more in our e-book Take Control of Your Future.

Coming Soon! We have removed Take Control of Your Future from Amazon Kindle and it will be available free in early October. Please check back then to download your free copy!

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Here’s what readers have to say:

 “This book is a life changer for law students wanting to pursue a public interest career.”

  –David Stern, Equal Justice Works Executive Director

“Take Control of Your Future provides today’s undergraduate, graduate and professional students with a clear, understandable view into the complex world of student loans. In doing so, it is a critical resource and provides an essential service for today’s student.”

  – Jen Mishory, Young Invincibles Deputy Director

“This book is particularly helpful for anyone working in the non-profit field who earns a lower wage and has mounds of student loan debt.”  

– Andrea, Reviewer

“I've been dealing with my student loan holder for the last three years on my past due account. It wasn't until I read ‘Managing Your Student Debt’ that I discovered the loan holder wasn't giving me all the options. By using the guide I've been able to work things to my benefit. I encourage everyone to read this book!”

 – Richard Smith, Reviewer

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