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Lewis Bollard (’13) Fights to Keep Our Food Safe

June 27, 2014

Lewis Bollard, a 2013 Equal Justice Works Fellow sponsored by host site The Humane Society of the United States and an anonymous sponsor, is advocating for the low-income victims of contaminated meat produced by factory farms and slaughterhouses. During his Equal Justice Works Fellowship, Lewis is working to reform our ailing food system through coalition building, negotiations, and legal action.

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Alumna Gina Clayton Reflects on Lessons Learned as Equal Justice Works Fellow

June 20, 2014

When I was a law student, and unsure what exactly to do after graduating, I came across an article in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism by Professor Regina Austin in which she describes the impact of the War on Drugs on low-income women of color. In it she examines United States Supreme Court decision HUD v. Rucker, which permitted public housing authorities to enforce “no-fault” eviction policies. The 2002 decision held that a tenant could be evicted for the drug-related activities of an occupant or guest, even if she had no knowledge of such activity. Austin writes:

Chief, among those adversely impacted by the [eviction] campaign, there have been poor single minority female heads of households, often senior citizens, who are living with their actual or adopted offspring…. The mothers and grandmothers (though sometimes it is a sister, aunt, cousin, wife, or girlfriend) are in general innocent, often even ignorant, of any criminal activity, but are nonetheless held responsible.

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DOJ Announces New Program for Attorneys to Provide Critical Legal Assistance to Unaccompanied Minors

June 9, 2014

The Corporation for National Community Service, the government agency which administers AmeriCorps, and the Department of Justice on Friday announced the creation of “justice AmeriCorps,” a new partnership to provide critical legal assistance to children who have crossed the U.S. border without a parent or guardian.  As part of this initiative, 100 lawyers and paralegals will deploy to 29 cities throughout the United States to help unaccompanied minors navigate the immigration courts.

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Fellow Friday: Angelica Salceda (’13) Advocates for Student Parents’ Rights in Central Valley

June 5, 2014

Angelica Salceda, a 2013 Equal Justice Works Fellow, sponsored by Fenwick & West LLP, is an advocate for high school students who are also parents.  At her host site, the ACLU of Northern California, she is helping implement the Pregnant and Parenting Student Project for teen parents to receive the adequate resources they need to succeed in their academics.  Below Angelica discusses her important work in the community with Equal Justice Works.

Left: Angelica Salceda, 2013 Equal Justice Works Fellow, discusses student parents’ rights for educational opportunities at the ACLU of Northern California. Photo courtesy of Gigi Pandian.

Q: What inspired you to represent student parents and pregnant students?

A:  As an elected student leader for the University of California system, I advocated in favor of accessible, affordable, and quality higher education for all Californians.  When I spoke with high school students and other advocates, I discovered an overwhelming concern for students not receiving specific college-preparatory courses required for enrollment into a four-year university.

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