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Advocating For Educational Rights of Mentally Ill Students

May 27, 2011

Kid’s Health reported that 1 in 33 children suffer from varying forms of mental illnesses and 70 percent of children with a mental illness are left untreatedRead More

Student Credit Card Use Could Cause Problems Later

May 25, 2011

Students increasingly have been using credit cards to finance living expenses and education, a necessity for many given the rising cost of education.

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Poverty Beyond a Single Number

May 23, 2011

This is a guest post from National Advisory Committee member Bill Penn.

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Hospital Beds Replaced by Prison Cells

May 18, 2011

50 years ago the U.S. had approximately 600,000 state hospital beds for those suffering from mental illness, according to Time Magazine.

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The Student Loan Ranger's Mailbag Express: Repayment

May 12, 2011

Each month we will dedicate one of our blog posts to questions that readers have sent in to shed light on the educational debt decisions that our readers are facing.

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When Mental Illness and the Legal System Collide

May 9, 2011

There are an estimated 19 million Americans living with one or more severe mental illnesses (SMI)*.  In the general population, some progress has been made toward eliminating the stigma associ

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