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College Cost Reduction & Access Act is now fully effective!

June 30, 2009 Two years ago I was sharing Ramen noodle recipes with public service workers struggling to repay student loans.  Tomorrow, the College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) becomes fully effective and Income-Based Repayment is available to make federal student loan payments more manageable.  And people working full-time in government and nonprofit positions can earn Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)! Over the past year we’ve been getting the word out with the help of people like you and organizations like and the Ford Foundation.  You'll Read More

Summer of Service: Getting to know clients

June 29, 2009 This is a guest post from Saroj Tharisayi, an Equal Justice Works Summer Corps member at the Greater Boston Legal Services and law student at Cornell Law School. On the third day of my summer internship in the Housing Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services, I was ecstatic that what I was looking forward to most about my summer internship was already happening: fast-paced court room drama. We went to court in the morning for a status hearing with the intent to file an injunction the next day to prevent our client’s Section 8 voucher from being terminated. Read More

Wrapping up NCVS: Media strategy for nonprofits; importance of corporate support

June 24, 2009 Another good day full of service at the National Conference on Volunteering. Read More

Summer Corps as part of United We Serve

June 24, 2009 This is a guest post from Jessica Meller, who is the Summer Corps Consultant at Equal Justice Works through summer 2009.  She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, where she majored in Psychology and International Studies. As reported last week, President Obama has announced the Summer of Service Initiative - United We Serve. The program is a call to action, encouraging public service in communities across the country. Read More

More from NCVS: Together for Recovery, Serve America appropriations

June 23, 2009 I attended sessions today including a forum on how service can help on the road to economic recovery.  It was reassuring to see how many nonprofits and service leaders are united in fighting the foreclosure crisis. Our own AmeriCorps Recovery Fellows will begin work in the field soon, alongside current Equal Justice Works Fellows and Summer Corps students that are already engaged in this work and who are helping families stay in their homes. Read More

From the Nat'l Conf. on Volunteering & Service

June 23, 2009 I arrived in San Francisco yesterday afternoon and whipped through the city too quickly to absorb anything but the beautiful mountains in the background. We met with Salena Copeland, an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow at the Public Interest Clearinghouse on Kearney St. Read More

Summer of Service: Bringing environmental justice to Oregon, Washington & Alaska

June 18, 2009 This is a guest post from Naomi Rowden, an Equal Justice Works Summer Corps member at the Crag Law Center and law student at University of Oregon School of Law. The Crag Law Center is a client-focused public interest environmental law center that supports community efforts to protect and sustain the natural resources of the Pacific Northwest. Through combining strategic litigation with education, advocacy and outreach, Crag enables their clients to better achieve their own missions. Read More

Summer of Service, United We Serve

June 17, 2009 [youtube=] Yesterday, President Obama announced the Summer of Service Initiative, United We Serve. The program is a call to action, encouraging public service in communities across the country. Read More

Ditch Your Debt Gremlin

June 11, 2009 Income-Based Repayment (IBR) is a new way to make your federal student loan payments more manageable starting July 1, 2009.  And if you work in government or at a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization, you might qualify for public service loan forgiveness after 10 years of eligible payments and employment.   IBR is now in cartoon form!  Ditch Your Debt Gremlin with this cool new video from our friends at -Heather [youtube=]

Changes may come for future ABA accreditation

June 10, 2009 An American Bar Association panel stated this week that law schools of the future will be judged not by what they teach but by what the students know and understand when they graduate; this, in turn, has generated a collective “hallelujah” from law student bloggers and law professors alike.  Previously, law schools have tended to put more emphasis on what is taught, leaving little room to gauge what the students actually t Read More

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